Mega Blast

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DEATHMATCH rarely happen to be so SIMPLE and so INVOLVING!

Mega Blast is a game based upon rules popularized by such classic titles like Dyna Blaster or Bomberman. It’s my first product, that was released in 1995. The game was initially published in Poland by L.K Avalon and later it was released in other countries like Germany and England.

The rules are simple. Few players are placed in a strange maze and each of them have time-bombs at his disposal. The goal is to eliminate your adversaries and you can achieve this by detonating an explosive when enemy is in its fire range. The walls and obstructions will initially make it difficult for you to move, but most of them are not resistant to explosions, so that’s how you can blast your way through.

When you knock down a part of the maze, it may reveal hidden bonus, like increased firepower, additional bombs, and so on. The whole “attraction”, and most important thing, is that bombs have delayed explosion time - you have to be very careful and pay attention where you place them, so that it won’t show up later, that you not only did no harm to your enemy, but took your own life, dispelling the dream about victory.

Beyond the basics, here’s what else to expect:


You can find more screens at the wonderful Moby Games