Space Hack

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Monstrous overpopulation of Earth has forced its government to undertake drastic measures. A new, restrictive law, established to force people off the planet, could get you thrown out of the solar systems even for speeding!

Prisoners were transported in huge ships that carried a dozen or so residential units, known as biospheres. Functioning as autonomous lands – with their own ground, atmosphere and even artificial sun – biospheres could be dropped on virtually any planet and provide a home for the settlers, until they manage to bring the new environment under control.

Maximus XV, one of these ships, was on its course and it was supposed to be a peaceful flight. Pilots surely did not expect to find the most dangerous predator of space on their way. Black Nebula – a gravitational entity that sucks in everything within its range – quickly swallowed the ship.

About the game

Space Hack is a sci-fi RPG/action title with Diablo-inspired gameplay mechanics, presented in real-time 3D graphics.

HERO – An ex-officer of Space Marines, convicted of life sentence on Misty Planet for insubordination. Strong, proud and maybe a little too hot-tempered. Became famous after a daring take over of a pirate ship in a port of Mars. He walked on the board armed with nothing but a machete. Killed 30 pirates and rescued 150 hostages. After that, people started to call him Space Hack.

SCI-FI – Forget knights and wizards - Space Hack will introduce you to a world of high technology. Dark and moody locations, biospheres with artificial ecosystems, futuristic weapons, androids, space ships and nebulas. Everything soaked in atmospheric industrial ambient music.

ACTION – Space Hack is not for the faint-hearted. Constant stream of ugly monsters guarantees non-stop hacking, slashing and shooting. Fights are dynamics, weapons are lethal and special effects are extra-cool!

Game worlds

Green areas

Biospheres in their original shape - full of flora and open water reservoirs.


Biospheres in their original shape or green areas turned into the marshy ones as a result of the climate adjustment breakdown (catastrophe of the ship). Filled with fumes, mist and full of lichens.


Areas created as a result of the climate adjustment breakdown - no flora, no water, only dry earth, sand and stones.


Areas where, as a result of the climate adjustment breakdown, the considerable cooling took place - snow and ice.


The original construction of the ship, buildings made by people - metal and plastic


The original construction of Maximus XV space ship, now completely ruined by aliens.