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Timothy used to live a happy and peaceful life with his friends on their quiet, beautiful island. Until an evil Prince showed up and captured Basil, the butterfly. Now Timothy has to find his Kingdom of Darkness and rescue the friend. It won’t be easy, because in order to reach his destination, our hero needs to complete scattered pieces of the Magic Portal first. The quest begins now…

Timothy is a game targeted at a young audience. It’s a blend of storytelling and many diversified mini-games (action, logic, education, puzzle, etc.) which easily bring fun to kids as well as their parents. The product contains no aggression scenes and is designed to develop young minds while playing.


There are about 16 mini-games in Timothy. To play them you have to visit the people living on the island and talk to them. The games usually represent their professions and are very varied in style. Here’s a few of them:


Playing this game, you will have to travel through its micro-universe visiting various people. Everyone has a different profession, so you will meet many diversified characters. Each one of them has a story to be told, mini-games to play and parts of Magic Portal to share with you.

Here’s a few of them:


There are dozens of locations in the game for you to explore. Everything is presented in beatuiful, 3D rendered art. And there’s a lot to see: you will visit the inside of a strange house of the Alchemist, a sunny atelier of the Painter, you will stand at the crossroads in the woods and even visit an observatory in the night. What an adventure!

Very important feature of this game, is that the backgrounds themselves are “alive”. You can play with them, clicking the mouse on different areas of the picture. With that, you’ll reveal cute and funny animations, sounds and songs. For example clicking on a lamp makes it swing, clicked flowers smile to you, and a face appears in a window when you click it. While these animations have no real influence on the game flow, they give a lot of joy, especially to the youngest players.

Here’s a few of the locations you’ll be exploring;